Amazon adds an equalizer to its Echo speakers

A few days ago, Amazon made an announcement of a new equalizer feature for the Echo smart speakers that will provide any user with the ability to adjust the way their music sounds whenever it is being played.


This new feature comes with a lot of benefits. You have the ability to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble independently of each other within a range of plus or minus 6db. After this feature is released, users will have the ability to adjust the equalizer through voice commands for Alexa or they could even do so manually through the Alexa app or on-screen controls with the use of Echo Show or Echo Spot. There are myriad of ways that a user can ask Alexa to change the EQ, some instances are as follows: “Alexa, turn up the bass,” “Alexa, set treble to maximum,” and “Alexa, reset equalizer.”

As soon as the EQ has been adjusted, those parameters will apply irrespective of the kind of media that is being played. Therefore, if you enjoy playing your music with a heavy bass, take note of the fact that your podcasts and audiobooks will play with a heavy bass as well if you have set it in that way. The settings will also remain like that unless you change it.

These new EQ features are at the moment also being provided to developers and are also being made use of by devices such as the Sonos Beam and Sound United’s Polk Bar.

We have no precise date as of yet, however, the feature which allows you to equalize your music will soon be released in days to come. The only hack there is that, only users in the United States will have the ability to use voice commands as soon as the feature rolls out. It will take a bit of time before voice commands in other English-speaking regions will be made available.

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