Amazon Challenges Google with its Own ad Software

Charles Darwin may have thought his theory of survival of the fittest is only constrained to the biological interpretation. But it is no surprising that not only living things go extinct, technological outfits too can go dine with the dinosaurs too- going extinct. This is because of the competition there, and just the few best can really survive and keep their ledgers smiling. This is why you hear of so and so invention now and then. These giant companies never keep their fingers crossed nor idle, there have either got spanners (inventing) on them or advertisement placards. To remain in the top spot, you must pull of your chef aprons, as you are always cooking inventions.


Thus it is no leap out of the sudden that Amazon is already working on its ad software to replace Google’s to give Google and Microsoft a hot chase for their money. This software which it intends to use in displaying online adverts nourishes extension prospects as Wall Street Journal reports Amazon hopes to leave its mark on consumer shopping attitude.

This in-house platform which could be tagged Amazon Sponsored Links and could be tested on the year unfolds. The system which could take on a Google AdWords resemblance is expected to be an advertising hall its marketers could share with its user population of 250m. It could be reasonable that this service tends to lace keyword-targeted ads with Google search results as well as on other websites.

Speaking from research statistics from firm eMarketer, presently, Google is the ring leader in online publicity measuring up to 31.45 percent global market share in 2014. Google harvests about $50 billion a year from its advertising business, which is far riper than Amazon’s advertising revenue calculated to be oscillating $1 billion.


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