Things to Watch out for When Buying from AliExpress

As we know it, the AliExpress is the retail section of Alibaba. The AliExpress can be seen as an online market place precisely a digital market place where you could come to get goods online. AliExpress gives the buyer a measure of protection which is almost a necessity especially when you buy from another country with particular emphasis on Chinese goods which barely come along with any warranty. Yet this doesn’t reduce the significance of the risks which are involved when you buy from


Now if this is your first time of buying from AliExpress, here are some tips that would make sure you get the best of your shopping experience.

a. Buy from Established Sellers.

Make sure you always try to purchase goods from sellers which have been in the business of selling on AliExpress for a long time and have a earned a couple of good feedback. This category of sellers are more concerned for their ratings and would only be glad to assist you should a problem occur with your order. Make sure you keep an eye at the previous feedbacks they got on that very item. If it is also favorable, you’ve found a good seller to buy from. Your transaction is unlikely to suffer hitches with such sellers. On the product page , take significant notice of the following things:

Top Rated Seller: This is a badge which is given as a reward to sellers who have been excellent in providing excellent service for a period of time. AliExpress performs reviews on these sellers monthly, selecting just the best of the cream as Top Rated Seller.

Feedback Score: the feedback score displays the amount of 4 or 5 star ratings you have earned while the of 1 or 2 star feedback received is subtracted from it. Sellers who have high feedback score tend to have stood their ground in the selling business and are thus expected to give you the prospective buyer commendable support around the clock.

Positive Feedback: this shows the prospective buyer the percentage of positive feedback the seller had received in the past 6 months. It is a better indicator of better business transaction when the seller you want to buy from has higher positive feedback. Another thing you need to have in mind here is that new sellers will also have close to 100% positive feedback due to the fact they haven’t really had enough sold so owing to this there is no real feedback from end users so you should ensure to compare the Positive Feedback with Feedback Score.

Number of product orders and feedback: considering the quantity of the item you intend buying that the seller has sold is not a bad idea at all. If you do so, you will see buyer feedback which relates to the product hence making it easy for you to make your judgements regarding the quality.

Sellers who have made their mark have a very responsive sales & support team which is dedicated and easy to reach around the clock and you have the concrete opportunity to get in touch with them should any issue pop up.

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b. Read Complete Item Details/Description.

Don’t neglect the Item Details/Description as very helpful information could be seen in the item details/description section. It is not the best practice when you place the order by simply looking at the product title and photos negligently rather take your time to check the description as you could find specific explanations that the seller intends passing on to the buyers. Let us take for instance, the seller may specify the features, compatibility, specifications and then quality of the item stating precisely if it is a just a copy or an original product. The information could also include answers relating to likely Shipping, refunds and support related questions and even FAQs on the product and their respective answers.

c. Communicate with the Seller before Purchasing.

It is good you have an interactive section with the seller prior to making a purchase. This you could using the Chat or Messaging system which is designated for such communication by AliExpress. Make sure to air your views and reservations about the product so as to clear your doubts asking about such details as shipping or delivery.

Some listings will not publish the brand of the item while some others might have very close spelling to a branded product. These items might just turn out to be knockoffs so always ensure to verify with the seller in such situation.

d. Think twice for items with a super low price.

If you have the feeling that the price of a particular item is just too low compared to its real value, it would be in your best interests to keep off. These would likely be the Chinese knockoffs which are designed to share a deceitful resemblance with the genuine product, but in reality, they don’t boast similar quality.

e. Avoid Free Shipping for Expensive Items.

Most times an expense free shipping is done through the National Post service but this could take too long to arrive. There is also that sad possibility of the desired products being delivered as damaged or even never getting to the arranged destination. So, while free shipping is not that bad for low priced goods, make a worthwhile attempt to get reliable shipping service (like the DHL, EMS; etc) when purchasing items with significant prices. You could as well request for shipping insurance if that is compatible with the operation of the seller.

f. Do not open a dispute before receiving the items.

You have a right to lay a complaint to Aliexpress in a situation where you have paid for the goods but still have not received it from the seller in an interval of 60 days. In a normal circumstance, you will get notifications via email from Aliexpress if your buyer protection period is on the verge of expiring hence you should make good use of it while it is yet valid. Aliexpress will no longer have the capacity to protect you if you complain after that 60 days period. Even if the seller messages you begging for your tolerance that the items would soon be delivered, make sure this doesn’t dissuade you from making your complaint before the 60 days expires. You can basically verify if the buyer has shipped the goods via the tracking number he gave you as well as the location of the goods prior to the expiry of the 60 days. The availability of a tracking number adds to the trustworthiness of the seller.

AliExpress gives you the avenue to dispute a transaction in a situation when the purchased products do not meet your expectations or say you don’t get it delivered within the arranged delivery date. According to the way it is designed in AliExpress,the buyer has just one chance of disputing a transaction and you must make sure to use it carefully so as not to waste it should the seller be delaying in shipping in the items purchased. This is one cunning resort sellers take to protect them from disputes which could arise later on in course of the transaction. Let us have an example here,

A buyer on AliExpress places an order on 22nd of August. Now working shipping details have not been exchanged till 25th and the buyer is getting exhausted on the trade so he opens a Not Shipped dispute against the seller. The seller now quickly ships the items within the following few days and then proceed to deny your dispute by updating or providing the shipping details. Technically your issue has been resolved, so your dispute is no longer practically valid hence you will be needed to accept the resolution and then close the dispute.

The moment you take the seller’s resolution and then close the dispute, the seller is now very protected because you no longer have the single chance of disputing the transaction you are obliged to after you have exhausted it. And if the quality if the goods doesn’t meet your taste, you don’t even have the chance to even leave a feedback for this transaction so that the seller has nothing to lose.

So, in view of this, make sure to carefully use your dispute so that it counts rather than wasting it on another complaint other than for Damaged or Undelivered product received.

g. Use it before confirming receipt

In the event when get your ordered products, please ensure you don’t get lost in excitement so that you even forget to confirm the receipt of the item. Make sure you use the product with thorough scrutiny for a day or even two before you confirm the receipt. when you notice an unfavorable condition with the item you have received, get in contact with the seller and request for resolution. If his replies do not help the situation, then you are justified to chat with a AliExpress’s support representative and table your complaint. You could best open a dispute when they tell you to.

When you have gone through all this, leave your feedback which would account for your experience with the product and how nice or terrible your ordeal with the seller. Leave negative feedback (1-2 stars) should his service fall below your approval and if you are impressed the smoothness of the transaction, it would help to leave a good review too.

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