Airtel BB Data Plans Still Work on Non-BB Devices

Some couple of days ago, I published a post that made so many people upset regarding the Airtel BlackBerry Data Plans that will stop working on non-Blackberry devices as from 3rd of December, 2013.

Airtel Data Plans

So many people were upset because of Airtel poor decision to stop BB plans on non –BB devices, due to the high cost of real data plans. Some of this blog readers said they will burn their Airtel SIM cards if BB data plans should stop work on non-BB devices, while others are already making move to port to other networks.

The story wasn’t fabricated as most people thought. See the screenshot of the SMS that was sent by Airtel to some users below:


I was surprised to see my subscription still working after 3rd of December. I even went to the extent of subscribing on a new SIM card to test run the BB data plans, but to my amazement, it works.

From the comments made by some exclusive readers of this blog, it shows that Airtel BB data plans still work fine on non-BlackBerry devices.

So many people complained on twitter. Below are some of the incredible photos flying over Twitter after Airtel alert of ending BB data plans on non-BB devices:


“Airtel Why This Now”


 "Airtel sent the text ... and i be like ---->"

“Airtel sent the text … and i be like —->”


"Airtel subscribers had to put up with such crappy network and now get this?"

“Airtel subscribers had to put up with such crappy network and now get this?”


"Airtel users when they read the text..."

“Airtel users when they read the text…”


"Airtel SMS got us all like..."

“Airtel SMS got us all like…”

The fact remains that our ranting on social media will not change any things unless we complain about high cost of data plans to NCC directly by tweeting at NCC Nigeria (@NgComCommission).

Airtel BB data bundles still work well on non-BB devices. Share this post with your friends and love ones.

The question now is: ‘Is it still working on your non-BB devices such as: Android, iPhone and PC or not?’

Share your suggestion or contribution about the Airtel BB data plans issue in the comment section below.

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