8 Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog Alexa Rank

Alexa rank can be likening to a magnet that attracts advertisers and sponsors to a website or blog. Most bloggers are really worried on how they can increase their Alexa rank despite their high page rank on Google and high number of visits, though Alexa has nothing to do with Google page rank and number of visits.

Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa is regarded to as a “web information company” i.e. they rank website and blog based on the traffic they generate and other factors. Alexa.com is the best ranking system online among other ranking industry. To me Alexa is important because advertisers use it to measure a website or blog traffic and popularity and it is unimportant because Alexa doesn’t show accurate stats. It is very important to have a good Alexa ranking. Here are 8 proven techniques that can be used to increase your blog Alexa Rank.

Proven Techniques to Increase Your Blog Alexa Rank

1. Claim your blog:

You need to claim you site on Alexa since it’s allows Alexa to access your website or blog in a better way. You can claim your site on Alexa by following the process outline on Steps to Submit/Add Your Website or Blog to Alexa.

2. Update your blog frequently:

Just like Google, Alexa love to see fresh content on your blog frequently. A study suggests that updating your blog 7-10 times a week help increase Alexa rank.

3. Install Alexa Toolbar:

Alexa gives more weight to visits that come from a browser which already has an Alexa toolbar installed. Install Alexa toolbar on your browser and make sure you always visit your blog via this same browser. Tell your friends, family, visitors to install Alexa toolbar on their browser and set your blog as their homepage.

Download Alexa Toolbar

4. Use Alexa Widget on Your Blog:

Putting Alexa widget on your blog helps increase your blog rank. Install Alexa Widget on Blogger With A Click.

5. Post Quality Content:

This will go a long way to help you in your blogging career. Posting quality content on your blog will make visitors stay on your blog and thus increase your blog page view. Quality content is not only appreciated by Alexa, search engines also love it.

6. Link Building:

Alexa counts links linking back to your blog. So you can get backlinks from other blog or website by commenting on other blogs or website and guest posting.

7. Talk about Alexa on Your Blog:

You can write about Alexa Ranking on your blog and link back to Alexa.com. This will increase your blog rank along with theirs.

8. Ask your Blog Visitors to Review Your Blog on Alexa:

Request for review about your blog on Alexa from your visitors.

Write a Review of our Blog on Alexa.

These are just the proven techniques that works, don’t try to use any software to manipulate your blog Alexa rank. You can not fool advertisers with this, work on your blog to earn success. If you have any technique(s) that has worked for you, don’t hesitate to share them via the comment box.

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