512GB soon to come, starting with Huawei

If ever you have wanted a PC-like storage in your pocket or purse, reports have reached us from our sources that a new Huawei phone is rumoured to soon be released with 512GB of storage. This is certainly a huge upgrade from the 256GB of storage offered by devices such as the iPhone X. this storage capacity is a lot larger than the amount of space found on most of the models of the MacBook Pro and it gives the user the ability to download the Facebook app which is about 400MB more than 1,200 times if they wish.

The upcoming Huawei phone was first spotted on the Chinese  regulatory agency website called TENAA in February. Later, there was an update to the listing which was discovered by one of our sources and it indicated that the phone would have 6GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage. From the specs that have been iterated, it sure is not the P20 which is soon to come. Although, from what we’ve seen so far, it will probably be the Porsche version of the P20 which definitely promises to be more opulent.

Samsung had started to make 512GB drives for some of some phones back in December last year. However, we have no information as regards what Huawei is using, but it is certain that the trend of large storage phones have started. Huge amounts of storage in phones promises to be a lot of fun and it will particularly be useful for recording 4K videos since every 3 minutes of 4K footage occupies about 1GB of space. One would now hypothetically have the ability to record a full day of 4K video with the 512GB phone of Huawei. More so, in a case where someone is stranded in an area where there is no Wi-Fi or books, he/she could decide to watch the 4K video like a movie marathon.

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