LG rumoured to have five cameras for the V40

It is indeed a bit difficult to have the spotlight on you in the smartphone world, and that is why LG has developed a means to make its soon to come V40 flagship a lot more interesting. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, it seems the company is looking to input five cameras into the flagship in a bid to compensate for the V30 and its variant, the V35 and do what there three cameras was not able to.

According to the tip we received, the V40 will have three among the five cameras on the back of the device. This device is to some extent similar to the Huawei P20 Pro which happens to be the first ever smartphone device to have three cameras. The V40 has its remaining two cameras at the front of the phone making them five in total. The dual cameras are meant to support 3D face mapping and unlocking. Despite the fact that both the dual-front camera and the three-rear camera configurations are not something that are new or novel in the real sense. The five-camera system however (dual-front camera and the three-rear camera) is something no one has ever seen before. If these reports we have gotten turn out to be true, the V40 will be the first device to have that much amount of cameras on one smartphone.

As was the case with the V30 which was said to look like the G6, the V40 is said to look alike as the G7 ThinQ. The device will have a display with notches and the processor it will use will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The Quad DAC which was featured by LG last year will come back as a button that will be dedicated to Google Assistant on the side and it will have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

We expect that LG will have the details regarding the V40 released by the summer ahead of the proper launch by the fall.


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