How to Make 2go Master Star Progress Visible

2go is a nice mobile application with millions of users worldwide. It is compatible with almost all brands of mobile phones. With the help of kemulator, 2go application can also run successfully on PC.

2go Master star Progress

When 2go was initially launched, it was a bit difficult to use. Now, many developments have been introduced on the latest versions of 2go application.  For instance, in the earlier days of 2go, registration can only be done via their website, but now 2go registration is done via the application without visiting 2go website. Another instance is that of 2go Master Star Progress. The earlier versions of 2go shows the progress of Master star, but now, the latest versions renders it invincible.

 Some 2go application maniacs are so much after their star progress, but immediately they reach the master level, they will no longer see their star progress which leads to Ultimate. The only 2go application that shows master star progress is the 2go v.1. With this version of 2go, you may not be able to upload your pic and update your status, but you will be able to see your 2go master star progress.

I have uploaded the 2go v.1 online for those who are interested in seeing their 2go master star progress. The application is downloadable from here.

Share your master star progress level in the comment section below. You can also add me as your friend via the username Fapohundaa. You can also learn how I was able to reach ultimate star level within a few months on 2go.

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