Amazon vanquished Samsung in holiday tablet sales last year

The details on the amount of Tablet sales made in the fourth quarter of last year is out and reports reaching us from our sources state that Amazon surpassed Samsung during that last quarter with a remarkable growth as a result of large discounts. Although iPads are still by far the most popular Tablets to be found among consumers in the past year especially the 9.7-inch iPad and two sizes of the iPad Pro that sold a large quantity of units, Amazon showed the greatest level of growth among the top five Tablet companies.

Amazon bested Samsung into 3rd place mostly by offering exorbitant discounts on its Fire Tablets. Products like the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite for instance had their prices slashed by at least $30 on Black Friday.

Samsung’s Tab A and E series didn’t do very well in the fourth quarter. Huawei was fourth on the list partially because its slate Tablets hold cellular connectivity which appeals to customers. Lenovo came in fifth among the top 5 also because it offered Tablets in low prices.

Above all, Apple made a shipment of 43.8 million Tablets and claimed 26.8% of the Tablet market last year. Samsung came second with 24.9 million Tablet shipments.

Amazon accomplished more during the holiday season probably because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday usurious discounts, while in the regular months Samsung fared better. Though, a bit less than half of the Tablet shipments of Amazon last year exited during the holiday season, the holiday Tablets that Samsung shipped only accounted for 28% of its shipments last year. Amazon did not reveal its exact numbers; however, it said Cyber Monday was its best shopping day ever.

Samsung shipped 24.9 million tablets, and had a 15.2% market share, thus showing negative growth compared to 2016. Amazon only just trailed behind Samsung with 16.7 million products and had 10.2% of market share, for a year-after-year growth of 38%. Huawei shipped 12.5 million units and Lenovo shipped 10.3 million. Other brands accounted for the other 33.8 percent of the market.

If as it was announced, Google is planning to launch its Chrome OS Tablets, it’ll be entering a market where slashing of prices is how competition goes further.

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