Microsoft commences integration of Cortana into Skype

For some time now, Microsoft has been touting the idea of incorporating its virtual assistant Cortana with Skype. All the way Microsoft has been striving to push in Cortana into all its facilities and it was all natural Cortana soon made its way to Skype.  After so much testing, the feature is live now.


This was confirmed in announcements released by Microsoft pertaining to the integration of Skype into iOS and Android versions of Skype.


Cortana has its advantages that it brings on board. One of these ways in which we will find Cortana relieving is its in-context assistance. This judiciously gets you helpful suggestions based on the context or topic you are discussing with your conversant in your chat.


Aside that, Cortana when dutifully embedded can help you with suggestions of movies, reviews as well as help you with reminders of your event and schedules.


Now that Cortana is on Skype, it can take on the responsibility of your contact. So you can chat one on one with Cortana. And Cortana can help you with stuff like the weather predictions, checking out your flight status, stock quotes and all that. For now, the integration of Cortana into Skype is in the U.S. and would be rolling out to other countries.

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