How to Enable & Disable Google Plus Comments on Blogger

When Google Plus comment was initially introduced, some bloggers switched to it and use it in place of the default blogger comment system.

Google Plus comment box is awesome, but it has its own good and bad. The main reason why I didn’t switch was because I noticed I was unable to comment on blogs that have it with my mobile phone.

Adding and removing Google Plus comment to blogger blogs is quite easy and can be done with few clicks. You don’t need to include any code to your template to get it activated and disabled.

Steps to Enable and Disable Google Plus Comments on Blogger

1. Sign in to your Blogger Account and click on the blog you want to include/exclude the Google plus comments box.
2. Click on Google + link, and then choose to enable or disable it by clicking on the Use Google+ Comments on this blog box. See the image below:

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  1. Is there any extra advantage of adding Google+ Comment to your blog?

  2. Princewill says:

    Tanks a bunch

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  3. Thanks 4 dis info

  4. I appreciate this post very Much,i dont enjoy the Google+ comments on my Blog. It makes me have less comment

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