Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Change Proxy / Hide IP

In one of my recent posts, I shared the List of Popular, Free, Fast and Best Proxy Sites that users can use to access blocked websites. So today, I want to share another post on some Google Chrome extensions/plugins that can be used to hide IP address to remain anonymous.


Internet Protocol often referred to as IP is the identity of a system in cyber world, it’s basically a kind of logical address of your system and it helps webmasters to trace out users details and information online. Sometimes, it is good to surf the internet anonymously by hiding or changing our IP to protect our privacy.

Apart from protecting our privacy, hiding our IP too make users enjoy some benefits online. For instance, there are some website you visit online and you receive a notification that it is not available in your region; hiding or changing your IP would be the best option to have access to such website. You might also need to hide or change your IP if your school/office/college/ISP denies you access to some website.

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Although, your reason(s) for changing or hiding your IP might be different from the reasons I listed above, but no matter the reason(s), here are the top 5 Google Chrome extensions that Google Chrome users can use to hide or change their IP. What these extensions do is that it changes the proxy of your browser and not the system.

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions / Plugin to Change or Hide IP on Google Chrome Browser

The proxy changing extensions listed above are free and easy to install. You don’t have to install all the 5 extensions, you just have to select any one of your choice and don’t forget to read their features before you decide which one to install. Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below for any help and suggestion.

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