How You Can Auto Tweet Your Facebook Status

At times, we might want to tweet the status we updated on Facebook, but it is kind of frustrating to go to twitter every time to tweet the same status that was updated on Facebook. Though this can be automated i.e. Facebook status can be converted to tweet automatically without login in to your twitter account but some people don’t really know how this work.


So today, I want to share a simple tutorial on how you can link your Facebook profile (or page) to your Twitter account so that whenever you post a public update to Facebook, your Twitter account would be updated.

Go to to link your Facebook profile (or page) to your Twitter account. You can also do it using any of the two Facebook app link given below:

In my next post, I will explain how you can update your Facebook status with your Twitter Tweets.

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  1. @Gameli Hamelo, yes you can opt out in the future.

  2. Gameli Hamelo says:

    Can i cancel if i dont want it anymore ?

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