Check Your 2014/2015 NECO Result on

2014 NECO June/July result is Out.

The National Examination Council (NECO)  2014 June/July SSCE results is out. participants can now check their NECO result  by following the processes outlined below:



How to Check 2014 NECO Results Online


1. Log on to NECO result checking portal at
2. Select your Examination Type. e.g June/July, Nov/Dec, JSCE, NCEE
3. Select your year of Examination.
4. Enter your card PIN number and Examination number where necessary.
5. Now Click on “Check My Result” button
You can share your results with others via the comment box below.


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  1. when is neco gce result coming out, and can i use d7 in eng to study elect elect.

  2. Babangida Usman says:

    hello Sir, please. How about the waec&neco of zamfara state i can,t go to check my waec&neco but the state government is not pay the money to release the result!!! Sir, were went to go to pay the money for release my result waec&neco?

  3. pls’ When neco gce 2014/15 we come out.

  4. olasurplus says:

    Pls wen is neco gce 2014/2015 result coming out ?

  5. Miles Caliph says:

    Please when is nov/dec neco gce result gonna be released???

  6. Please, when would Neco GCE Nov/Dec results be out? Please

  7. Pls when is neco nov/dec will b out?

  8. I try checking my result but when i entered my
    Center num N serial num as my exam No: its says that the exam No. Is invalida. How can i rectify this problem pls……email me asap

  9. when will d neco gce be out…is it before february????

  10. pls’ oga when the neco gce 2014/15 we come out ?

  11. Plz qm rlly worried I need the Neco Gce result on or be4 febuary abeg wen will it be out

  12. Plz wen Is d ongoing neco gce result cuming out…nd secondly on d day of mathematics I exhausted my answer sheet xo I tore d bak of my question paper to continue nd I attached it tugeda wit a rope,hope I dnt av any problem wit neco rules

  13. @olusegun, am still having issue on this exam number, is it the one that end with alphabet e.g 24567837GB or which one?

  14. Plz am also aving issues with checking me neco rsult, invalid candidate blah blah blah is wat am gtin plz hlp me out

  15. sir, what neco zamfara

  16. Abdullahi G Illo says:

    thank you for your knowledge shering to the west africans

  17. Niger state govt skul cannot check dere result. Debt is written in place of d grades, pls when re we going to check it

  18. Do student pass neco/gce in kwara state

  19. what is a best combination 4 psychology pls

  20. sir, how about neco of zamfara state.

  21. if i have the PIN, Registration number and center number, what will be the examination number.

  22. simple baby says:

    pls what does neco exam number look like. I have being trying mine and its telling me that invalid candidate number; record not found.
    guys help out.

  23. alumacoben says:

    Pls pple am going for theatre art as a course…..but i have d7 in literature and crk… d result still gug?

  24. Olowoyeye timilehin says:

    Pls i was unable 2 check my result , the site said exam number nt found. Pls why

  25. How much is the registration fee for external NECO?

  26. @T man, congratulations.

  27. Daniel Emmanuel says:

    pls what is the good conbination subjet for some one who want to study economics

  28. this the result
    maths c
    English c
    government b2
    civic b
    Yoruba c
    literature d
    economic c
    crs c

  29. alumacoben says:

    i love chating

  30. Wher i sat 4 dae exam dav nt resum til octoba 13,i nid 2 check it b4 den ,,i reali nid 2check it pls

  31. Pls i ve a big problem i cant check my neco result bkoz i 4got my eaxm numba…pls any help

  32. I don’t understand the exam number, is it the registration number?

  33. Pls is the registration for necogce nov/dec still on and if yes when is it going to close i beg

  34. kolajo oluseyi says:

    pls how are we going to write our exam no.?

  35. I try checking my result but when i entered my exam No: its says that the exam No. Is invalida. Hw can i rectify this problem pls:::::

  36. i pray dey dnt seize any of my papers cos its my only hope 4 nw nd d last tin holding my admission i passed al my papers in waec bt got a d7 in maths nd am a science student

  37. but eh which month re we expecting it or shuld i say wich month do it normally come out in oda years

  38. pls can i be informed when the neco jun july 2014 is out.

  39. When is registration for external exams starting..NECO 2014 Nov/Dec.

  40. plz do neco use 2 seize students result
    like waec

  41. please when are you releas NECO NCEE 2014/2015 final result because schools are resume by September which the early is better and where can we check it.

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