Check Your WAEC Result Here – 2016/2017

2016 WAEC Result – May/June  result is out.

WAEC May/June 2016 result has been released following the statistics that was released by The Head of Nigeria National Office, of the Council, Mr Olu Adenipekun at a news conference in Lagos. Candidates can now check their result from WAEC official portal.


Presently, you might encounter difficulty in checking your result due to the number of traffic the website is receiving. If you’re unable to check it now, you can try checking it at night when the traffic will be less.

How to Check WAEC GCE Result Online.

1. Buy WAEC scratch card from any Banks, Post Office, Authorized Dealers and WAEC office nearest to you in your area.

2. Go to WAEC result checking official portal at

3. Enter your center number and seat number in the required space. Your registration should look like this: 4310963***.

4. Select the year you sat for the exam i.e. 2016.

5. Select your exam type i.e. May/June.

6. Finally, enter your scratch card pin and serial number in the required space and then click submit to view your result.

You can share your results with other readers via the comment box.

See also: WAEC GCE Result Statistics: 53% PAssed.

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  1. Soliu sofiat says:

    On behalf of the students we are all begging the waec officials to please release our held results we all need it for admission

  2. olagunju kamaldee says:

    How can I get answers for WAEC questions

  3. Pls sir, I want to study bus adm n I had E8 in maths.What can I do?

  4. Johnson Terry says:

    in Ibru college know body Has got there result what is the cause

  5. Pls how can i check my 2015 gce

  6. but I didn’t see mine

  7. ojo sodiq adeyinka says:

    insha ALLAHU i will have my 6credit pass in d nov/dec gce 2015. and others dat did d is well (amin).wallahu yasmuka minanas

  8. chris boate says:

    pls when is the nov/dec 2015 results going to be released?

  9. bashari Ali says:

    I check my exam online I got six credit but no my name in list giving. To our school what is the problem

  10. now dat may/june waec 2015 is bad do u think gce is going to be better. because a lot of people are depending on it.

  11. Abdullahi umar abubakar says:

    We are on our beautiful prayers. We all have the hope that God{SW} will answer our beautiful prayers. Ya Allah help us,nothing is beyond your power. {amin}

  12. sorry is Nov/Dec 2015 wassce result out?

  13. obaro Rita says:

    When will gce result nov/dec 2015 be out?

  14. wadataumar,88 says:

    so god help us we are still peending

  15. wadataumar,88 says:

    so god help us

  16. Kelvin Boakye says:

    It seems my waec results is not correct so pls cross check it for me.

  17. misbahu muhammad says:

    god help us

  18. i lost my gce printout result of 2012 i just find d exam registration number pls want can i do to get it back

  19. ubong ekwere says:

    i pray God To Answer Our Prays By Helping Us To Have At Least 6Credit On Waec.

  20. fidelis boateng says:

    when will the 2015 bece result come?

  21. Get facebook massenger without a facebook account

  22. i, in my school no body have been able to check he/her result so what is responsible for dat pls oooooooooh.

  23. How much is the scratch card please?

  24. I don’t know why candidates should be failing exams,is it that they don’t write correctly or there result are sold?

  25. Ten thousand shall fall by my right nd Hundred thousand by my left for it shall nt come near me……. SON of d

  26. on the page, I can only see 2014 and the preceding years, pls what do I do to check for 2015

  27. God will make every body have thier credit pass

  28. Do I need scratch card to check my result?

  29. is weac may/ june 2015 has been released

  30. ALEGU SAMBEST says:

    God will help us 2 make our result excellently in Jesus mame.AMEN OOO

  31. ALEGU SAMBEST says:

    Pls we apologies that you should give us good result b/c it is not easy 4 one 2 study 4 six years & repeat. i wil be glad if our result is good. refers 2 waec officials thanks.

  32. Saviour says:

    How do they mark these exams?because students’ failure is getting too much.

  33. bariela kapa says:

    I pray God to help all candidates who are in need of five credits to have it successfully in Jesus name Amen.

  34. barry kg says:

    I’m surprised that over 70% of candidates failed the recent waec exam. it’s unfair, now where are we heading to? Or don’t you know that we spent money to write the exam? Please stop these nonsense and release peoples results. If someone do same to your child will you be glad?

  35. Prince olisa victory says:

    How can i find 2015 wasce result

  36. The time table for 2015 was not good at all . It could be better to start with the oral english as in the previous days

  37. Ani Usoro says:

    Thank you for the timetable,and i pray we will all make it.amen oooo


    My waec result strong

  39. SELLASIE says:

    what kind of English are they teaching in school these days? Kids. Take my advice. You need to do a lot of reading. How do you expect to pass with this kind of grammar.

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