How to Auto Publish Blog Posts on Facebook Timeline

Facebook is the best and widely used social networking site in the world today. Therefore, every blogger that wish to be successful in his/her blogging career cannot do without Facebook.

Auto Publish Blog Post on Facebook

Some bloggers go through stress to publish their blog post on Facebook manually every time they make a new post on their blog. I want to tell you this is a tedious task because I was once ignorant before and I did it. So today, I want to explain how any blogger using any of these blogging platforms such as: WordPress, Blogger, Typad and etc. can automatically publish their blog posts on their Facebook Timeline/Profile.

Auto publishing of blog post on Facebook timeline can be easily done with a Facebook application known as RSS Graffiti. This is a handy application that can also be use to share Twitter Tweets, YouTube Videos, Google + Posts and etc.

How to Setup RSS Graffiti for Your Blog

==> First go to RSS Graffiti Application Page, and then click on Go To APP.

==> Grant permission to access

==> Now Click on Add New Publishing Plan.

==> After creating a publishing plan, Click Add New and enter your blog URL, then click Add Source

==> After you might have successfully added a source, a new window will pop out where you can schedule and source name URL override.

==> You can also adjust the formatting of the message, cut of date, etc by clicking on Advanced tab. Then click Save.

==> The next thing to do now is to select the target where you want the publish post to appear. From this page, you can choose to target a specific fan page or your personal profile and whether you’re posting on behalf from your personal page or specific fan page.
You can also choose how you want it appear on your Facebook Timeline by choosing either of standard or compact or status updates. A preview will also appear at the bottom on how it will appear on your Timeline.

==> Finally, on completion of all the necessary settings, you can now turn it on with your mouse.

Don’t hesitate to use the comment box if you experience any difficulties or have any question.

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  1. Just wanted to find out if there’s any other app on how to Auto Publish Blog Posts on Facebook Timeline because this one seems not to be working. Can u please help? The app page doesn’t open

  2. HI ! you gave really wonderful post with deep steps. you save time for me because i never post regularly because of to write every time.

  3. mohamed shimran, you can do it with your Facebook profile or page or group.

  4. mohamed shimran says:

    can i do it with a page ? our blog

  5. Tnx for the info.I have setup mine

  6. Lightbox China says:

    thanks a lot for such a valuable information. actually i didn’t knew about RSS Graffiti.. but now i will definitely go for it.. i just love this post..

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