How to Check If Your Antivirus is Real or Fake

It is good to know your antivirus status whether it is real or fake. Your computer is vulnerable to threat if you are using a fake antivirus since it won’t be able to detect virus on your computer.


Today, I want to share a simple trick that can be used to test if an antivirus is real or fake or if the antivirus is working or not. Follow the steps explained below to know if your antivirus is working or not.

Steps to Check if Your Antivirus is Working or Not

==> Press Windows Key + R to launch run command, then write Notepad to open notepad.

==> Copy and paste the code below into notepad:


==> Now press CTRL+S to save this file, and save the file as jnvirus.vbs on your computer.

==> If your antivirus is real and working, it won’t allow the file to be saved on your computer. But if your antivirus is not working, it will save on your computer then delete it immediately. My avast antivirus reject the file when I was about to save it on my Pc.

Note that this tutorial will not harm your computer in any way. Share your antivirus name through the comment box if it is working.

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