New Awesome Facebook Chat Emoticons 2013

Many Facebook Trick & Tutorial have been shared on this blog in recent time such as: tricks to update your Facebook Status with any Device, How to Make Colored text on Facebook Chat, Facebook Status Cool Generator and the Rest.


So today, I want to share some New Awesome Facebook Chat Emoticons that you can use to add some spice to your Facebook Chatting moments. These  new Awesome Facebook Emoticons are attractive as you can see them in the list below. Just type what’s under the “Code” section on your Facebook chat box and see the magic.

Thanksgiving Turkey Carving Turkey Smiley face LOL Laughing heart Crazy Coffee machine

List of Brand New and Awesome Emoticons for Facebook Chat 2013

If this emoticons has added some spice(s) to your chatting moment, don’t hesitate to share this blog with your friends & folks.

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  1. you can also make this [[downdude]] or [[midfing]]

  2. @Anonymous, try and download the Facebook application that is meant for your device.

  3. How to make appear on my facebook profile photo upload via sony ericsson? Bcos everytime i upload photos, it’ll only appear via mobile. I want it to appear using the name of my phone which is sony ericsson. Is der a way for it? Tnx.

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