Mr. Bean Greeting Notification Widget for Blogger

You can beautify your blog by placing Mr. Bean greeting notification widget on your blog. This widget will float to any side of your blog where you want it to stay. Some top blogs are using this widget on their blog.

Mr Bean Widget For Blogger

To install Mr. Bean greeting notification widget on your blog, all you need to do is to copy any of the widget code from the boxes below and paste it in your blog template.

How to Add Mr. Bean Notification Widget to Blogger Blog

==> Go to your blog dashboard >> Layout >> Add a Gadget >>Select “HTML/JavaScript”

==> Copy and paste any of the code below into the HTML/JavaScript box and save your template.

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  1. Patent Attorney says:

    Wow, I definitely need this for my blog!

  2. smit amlani says:

    mr. bean blogger is so nice.
    if i meat mr. bean?

  3. says:

    U are great boss

  4. mariajoseph says:

    Mr.Bean blogger is nice to see

  5. Thanks for sharing this blogger widget. It really draws attention of a site visitor. I know because I came here through a site I visited and my attention was drawn to it.
    I am an addicted user of WordPress blog platform but I can’t resist the temptation of creating blogs with blogger with this widget.
    How I wish I could use it on my wordpress blog at
    . Or is there a similar widget for wordpress? Who has idea?

  6. well everything was ok and like it too

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  8. HI ,And Veri Good

  9. R.K. Goyal says:

    Very… Very… Nice.

  10. Glad you all love it.

  11. HARESH MODI says:

    i like….

  12. Devin Arya Wigatha says:

    very good, i like it (y)

  13. રોહિત ચૌહાણ says:

    very cute…i like it most

  14. કે.જી. પરમાર says:

    so good

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