Funny Facebook Status Update Generator

To create/update a funny and interesting post/status on Facebook might be confusing sometimes because boring status keeps coming and nothing interesting.


Never fear, just use our funny Facebook status generator below. All you got to do is to click on the “Generate Random Facebook Status” button to get funny status; you can also press the button again to generate a new & different status.

Funny Facebook Status Generator

Copy and paste the funny status into Facebook, Twitter and other social networking site you join.

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  1. sahilz lilfate says:


  2. sahilz lilfate says:

    A relationship should be between (^__^) & (^__^) NOT (^__^) & (^__^) + (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-) + FACEBOOK

  3. @Ekeson, I will work on how to make it work on mobile

  4. Admin thanks alot. U’ve got creative ideas and i applaud you for that. But i need things that work with mobile. I dont often use PC So it’ll be appreciated if you share mobile stuffs 2 thanks

  5. Sanusi Tunde Abdul Hamid says:

    Admin, please How can i add this funny generator to me website?

  6. teny angel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. mark anthony says:

    Your list gives me many creational ideas that I can perhaps use on my web tender too.
    funny facebook status

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