Auto Scrolling Recent Post Widget for Blogger Blog

Auto Scrolling Recent Posts Widget is another awesome widget for bloggers which add beauty to blog and will display scrolling recent posts to readers where you want it to display. This widget is similar to the Recent Posts Widget at the side bar of your blog but it will have marquee effect and you can choose to make it scroll vertically or horizontally.


Today, we have released a generator that you can use to style and install the Auto Scrolling Recent Posts widget to your blogger blog without any difficulties.

Instructions on How to Install Auto Scrolling Recent Post Widget to Blogger

1. Insert your blog address in the required space and customize how you want the widget to look on your blog.
2. Click on the Generate button
3. Then click on Preview button to see a demo of the widget you have generated.
4. Now click on Add to Blogger button to add this widget to your Blog.

Note: Always click Generate button whenever you make any changes and click preview to see the changes and look.

Use the comment box below for questions concerning this Auto Scrolling Recent Posts Widget

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  1. James Okpanachi says:

    Hello sir, thanks for the info, but i tried it but it is not working on my blog. It did not show, here is my blog URL: i really love the widget and i want to have it on my blogger blog. THANKS FOR YOUR SWIFT RESPONSE SIR. I APPRECIATE.

  2. When I add this Widget, it redirect my blog to its widget itseft. Content was lost, only the widget is showing. I really need your help. Check this out:

    • @Joe, remove the widget and see if your site returns back to normal. However, you might have removed some codes from your site source code for you homepage to be blamnk. The widget can’t cause that.

  3. Baharudin Jemenin says:

    Very nice widget and I really like it, thanks.

  4. dear brother, how to add multiple urls for this feed post. i would like to add my friend blogs feed url. it will display my blog only one recent post from each (friends) blog.

    your reply is appriciated. thank you

  5. محمد عبد الوهاب says:

    thank you bros

  6. AFCON 2013 says:

    that nice article

  7. Nonso okaro says:

    thanks nice article it work like charm

  8. wow!!! thanks for the post… really love it

  9. @shahid, you’re welcome

    @SaRmAd KhAn, you don’t need to change it because every thing has be made to fit your blog perfectly.

  10. SaRmAd KhAn says:

    how can I change the width of the white box?

  11. thanks very nice post

  12. @John Omondiale, you’re welcome.

  13. John Omondiale says:

    Just came across your post….wow, you are doing a nice job.

  14. Hello! I have saw your link posted. Your post are very informative, and can add to my blogging and internet journey. God bless.

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