How to Use Another SIM In Modems That Are Not Unlocked

Recently a post was shared here on how to Get A Free Universal Modems Unlocker Software. But today, a post on how to use another SIM in your modem without unlocking it would be share.


Though many people think it is impossible to use another SIM to browse on a locked modem, but it is possible. Below are steps you need to follow to use your other SIM cards on your modems while you are yet to unlock it.

Steps to Use another ISP SIM in Modems that are not unlocked

1. You need to first download or buy Nokia PC Suite and then install on your PC.

2. Insert any other SIM you wish to use on your modem into the modem and then plug it to your PC USB port.

3. Launch the Nokia PC Suite you installed earlier, then a window will appear with different icons.

4. Click on File on the right corner then click on Connect to the Internet.

5. Another window will appear with a spanner icon, click on the spanner icon and you will be required to select your network operator from the list. But in case your network operator is not among the ones listed, you can go for the second option i.e. Configure the Connection Manually and this will only require your ISP access point. For instance, if you are in Nigeria, below are the APN of some ISP network:

GLO: gloflat
Etisalat: Etisalat

Note that if you entered a wrong APN it is likely you encounter some difficulties.

6. Now connect to the internet through the Nokia PC Suite.

You must now be connected to the internet if you follow the procedure outlined above carefully. So you can now use another ISP SIM in your modem without any need to unlock it. In case you encounter any difficulties in the course of setting it up, you can make use of the comment box for help.

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  1. have tried using airtel kenya but it’s not working
    info: Failed to establish a network connection

  2. my modem has reset back to 0 of 10, when am trying to unlock it. airtel modem E3131 huawel………… what can i do .. thanks

  3. oluwatomiwa says:

    I tried it but it does not wrk for me, I wanted to use glo sim for my mtn modem, I folo d steps even manually to input d neccesary info but it required access point, username, passwrd, additional initialization comand which I dont knw wat to put in d spaces. And wen I selected frm d list, dis is d complain weneva I launch ” failed to connect to the netwrk! one touch acess could not connect to d selected device”. pls hlp me out on and inbox me tnk

  4. @Alexander Eghan, old version of Nokia pC suite, v7.

  5. which version of the pc suit did use

  6. @FlashFaint, it will works with an huawei modem the last time it was tested.

  7. FlashFaint says:

    Thanks for the free method.I will try it if i buy a new modem.I currently have a Huawei modem which i unlocked using the Unlock code I got from for a cheap price.Will your method work in all modem?

  8. Thanks Mate
    Working Fine

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