Get Free ZTE Modems and Huawei Modems Unlocker Software

Recently I gave out A Free Modem Unlocking Software, but the cons of this software is that it can’t unlock the new ZTE modems but it can unlock all types of HUAWEI modems. I also shared a post recently on “how to Use another SIM in Modems That Are Not Unlocked” but today, I want to give out the software that can be use to Unlock All Type of ZTE Modems.

You can now unlock your Glo Bolt, MTN Huawei E303 and other Huawei modems that have an IMEI that begins with 80’s by following our tutorial on the Huawei E303 Unlocking Tutorial Page.


Though the software that is use for unlocking ZTE modems is no longer a new thing but the company that creates the software requires that every user must buy credit from them to use the software and the more you use the software the more your credit get drain. Today, am going to give out this Modem Unlocking software so that you will be able to unlock the stubborn ZTE internet modems without any fear.

How Do I Get ZTE Modems Unlocker Software?

Am giving this software to everyone for free download.

Download the crack version of ZTE modem unlocker software from and the password to access the file is

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  1. muhammad says:

    pls can u help me with my airtel, E172-² modem. cus i learnt it cant be unlocked

  2. please help me to unlock zte AC 2787 modem

  3. Sir Olusegun Fapohunda, Thanks a zillion much for sharing your knowledge, the software and key worked just perfectly for me. I’ve wasted a million years trying to unlock my mtn ZTE mf667, Imei: 356181049469131. I tried different unlocking sites but all the codes they generate was 12Digit while mine was requesting a 16Digit code, until i found your software on here. GOD Bless You

  4. Please help me. I tried unlocking ZTE modem MF631 with IMei 861424014174189. Pls Help me. Is like d code for it is 16 numbers altogether. Send it to my email math evidenced

  5. i can’t crack my modem
    help me out pls
    huawei e303

  6. okay rapheal says:

    i cant unlock my modem huawei e3531 : imei 860556025446790

  7. mohammad jalal says:

    please help me ihave zte mf923 my imei is 865135020703896 thanks

  8. Ikechukwu Promise says:

    I downloaded modem unlocker application.rar and it is requesting for password to extract it, bro please help me with the password…

  9. collycollins says:

    Bro u are too much na just one hand

  10. Mr. Goodness says:

    please how do i unlock my mtn or etisalat modem to become universal

  11. Ecstasy says:


  12. thanks. i downloaded and unlocked my glo bolt mf667 modem with mtn inserted during the unlocking process. but when i inserted airtel, it returned a message “Fail to Connect”

    whats wrong, what can i do. urgent pls

    thanks once agin

  13. Thanks very much. You have made my day. i have been able to unlock it. Thanks very much. You are wonderful and i pray your knowledge increase.

    Take care

  14. vipul raje says:

    please tell me password for this file

  15. Gerald makonokaya says:
  16. i beg bros send me the link to download the unlock-er via my email

  17. sulaimanjk says:

    plss show me d fassword of dis file( rar fassword)

  18. Vic Victus says:

    Iwant to unlock my modern

  19. Thanks a bunch, it worked for me

  20. you all should just keep mute and follow the directions exactly as he outlined….. do exactly what he says and u wont have any problem unlocking your modems….. i’ve been online for the past 8 hours trying different sites including 2 other dc craps with no luck of unlocking my modem but when i stumbled upon this site and downloaded his own dc crap used the password while unzipping the file and then downloaded the zipped software. all i had to do was click unlock and viola worked just like a charm. thanks a lot.

  21. iMEI: 861424012350070, I need the unlock code wish is 16 digit

  22. EGEDE BENJAMIN B says:

    I appreciate your effort please i need the software to unlock etisalat modern

  23. password to extract file for zte unlocker cannot used. please inform me another password.


  24. Kamal Jagadeesan says:


    Once i unlock the modem using the software provided by u. what is the next step to use modem with different GSM Sim or CDMA? My modem is CDMA modem.


  25. The link to download the software is in the post.

    @teeJay Wright, if you use the software recommended, you wouldn’t be ask to provide username and password to get your ZTE modem unlocked.

  26. after i insert another operator sim card into your modem and then click unlock on the software. It ask for a user name and password … where can i signup please?

  27. martin nyagah says:

    pliz send me the unlocking software to my email is ([email protected])

  28. Osbert Magara says:


  29. To use the software for unlocking, you need to insert another operator sim card into your modem and then click unlock on the software. It works fine.

  30. Osbert Magara says:

    ””””’……..well,thank you very much for your services….we appreciate however,the dc unlocker you provided can’t unlock ZTE MF192 modems.stil wondering whether i make mistakes or its True.if i make mistakes,can you pliz help and show me the right procedures!thanks my friend”””””””’………….

  31. emmanuel temitope says:

    please send the unlocker moderm to me

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hi the application can’t unlock HSUPA airtel model MF190. Pls W̶̲̥̅н̣̣̣̝̇̇̇a̶̲̥̅̊† can Ȋ̝̊̅ do.

  33. @Anonymous, it doesn’t request for any password.

  34. Mike Phiri says:

    Please assist me with the zte modem unlock software. My email: mikephiri9(a) you

  35. Anonymous says:
  36. @ghettovin, I’ve helped my friends to unlock this type of modem with this same unlocker.

  37. ghettovin says:

    The software does not unlock the ZTE MF192 modem. Is there another software that can do that?? Please send me the link

  38. Anonymous says:

    can this unlocker unlocked customized firmware modem

  39. Gaurav Katiyar Katiyar says:
  40. Anonymous says:

    where is download link admin ???

  41. @Anonymous, It doesn’t need any installation after download, you just have to run the software.

  42. Anonymous says:

    how do i instal the ZTE modem unlocking software.

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