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The NOV/DEC National Examinations Council (NECO) GCE/External SSCE exam results have been released. Candidates can now check there result online by using NECO result checking scratch cards. These scratch cards are available in all NECO offices Nationwide.

National Examinations Council (NECO) reveals that 68% candidates scored credit in Mathematics and 62% in English Language.


How to Check the Result 2015 NECO GCE Results

1. Go to NECO result checking portal @ http://www.mynecoexams.com/results/default.aspx
2. Select your type of exam which is “NOV/DEC” and the exam year which is 2015.
3. Enter your scratch card Pin number and Exam number in the appropriate space
4. Click on Check my Result
5. You will have to wait for the page to reload to bring your result details.

Check Your Result NOW…….!

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  1. When will NECO releases 2015 NECO GCE result?

  2. Petu Oyewunmi Deborah says:

    Please what can I do to get my 2014 GCE result released? I have checked four times but there is no trace of my result. I did not cheat and I know I did well. Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  3. moses abayomi says:

    i tried 2 check my result with dah scratch card i use 2 register it show mie invalid card. Or iz it anoda scrath card wil i buy?

  4. Habibu idrith says:

    Please when did neco gce nov/dec 2014 result will be released?

  5. Umar jassawa says:

    May allah help us to see good things in our exams

  6. i just got 2 credit out of 9 subjects i wrote…but thank Allah it's enough for me…ALHAMDULILLAH

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