How To Open A Clickbank Account And Us Address In Nigeria

I discussed on What you Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing in my recent post, but today, I want explain how a Clickbank account can be operated in Nigeria. We all know Clickbank is an online market place where digital products are being sold and you as an affiliate receive commission on every product sold by you. Presently, Clickbank does not operate in Nigeria but it accepts Nigerians. I will be listing the steps you will need to take in opening a Clickbank account in Nigeria.


First method, you will need a foreign address of a friend or relatives living abroad but mind you, the person must be a trustworthy person. Just tell inform him/her that you will need her address, once he/she has agree, you should use her address in opening the Clickbank account. Your account will be accepted irrespective of your ip address. When you might have made some bucks online, you can now request for your Clickbank check/cheque to be sent to the address you used to register earlier and don’t forget to make the payee name your friend/relative name. Then you can now tell your friend/relative to send you your money through western union or bank wire or money gram and you can as well use the money in your Clickbank account to purchase goods and services online.

Second method, In case you don’t have anybody abroad, you can still collect your clickbank money here in Nigeria. You will need to purchase a virtual Us address belonging to you alone from Graph Card. They will offer you services of Virtual address, Us telephone number and ability to use a VISA card. You will be charge $5 every time you use your Us address. Can you see that is even better because your earnings will be personal unlike getting a friend/relative that can go away with your hard earned money. Graph card will receive your check on your behalf, cash the check/cheques and later send the money to your Nigeria local bank account. You can load your graph card account through Virtual Terminal Network. When signing up for a graph card account, use your Nigeria address. They accept Nigerians.

If you follow these steps , you will  be able to secure your own Clickbank account and your personal Us Address. Hope this help.

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  1. please guy have gatting vtnetwork and graph card account what is the next thing to do

  2. Pls I’m new in everything online business. Pls can you send me ebook that will explain how clickbank works and what I should do to make it work and I get paid at the end. Thanks

  3. Stephen Ediga says:

    I believe this is kind of hard but i need the clickbank ebook please. For your good work

  4. Sir, how may i pay 4 a product through Clickbank in Nigeria and Nigeria is not among selected Country to use Clickbank. Please help

  5. What about receiving your cheque and dropping it with your bank to cash it? Please does it work? Someone told me he cashes his cheque that way. And also that after the 2nd cheque you can request for direct wiring of funds to your domiciliary account.

  6. @miriam, yes graph card can help you will the withdraw.

    @Razak Hussein, you will need a domiciliary Bank account to cash foreign checks.

  7. Razak Hussein says:

    It was helpful. But sir, do I need a bank account? If yes, what type of a/c do I need and how much does it cost?
    Keep up the good works.

  8. thanks segun this is helpful, but i have a question. how about for the 2nd option is it possible to collect the money in the US with the graoh card

  9. What do you mean Samuel

  10. So bad! I couldnt benefit from ur gift of e book

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