What we know so far of the upcoming “flagship killer” OnePlus3

OnePlus made a release of the OnePlus 2 some time ago back in 2015 and then for November that same year, we had the OnePlus X. Now this year, it is strongly evident OnePlus is pushing for a “flagship killer”. And going from leaks which had surfaced of late, we can gather it is going to present high-end specs famously at a price that wouldn’t drain you. So far we have been able to gather some specs on the upcoming OnePlus 3.

It appears that the OnePlus 3 would present a 1080p HD display, 32 GB of internal memory and then 4 GB of RAM . Well, I wasn’t shocked when I learnt that that would all source their power from a Snapdragon 820 chipset which is coupled with an Adreno 530 GPU.

A leak some at the beginning of this month showed us that as regards a premium model, the OnePlus 3 would present 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

We have so far learnt the camera would come at 16 MP on the rear and 8 MP on the front, and then the battery would be 3,500-mAh.

Some predecessors of the OnePlus 3 made use of the inadequate Snapdragon 810, in face of its notorious overheating problems. So expectations are high that the fresh generation chip should pose a vibrant solution this issue, proffering noticeably improved performance.

Also on the list of what we are expecting from the OnePlus 3 is a USB type C port just like previous OnePlus phones has.

Most amazingly could be the cost of the OnePlus3. OnePlus has really carved a handsome reputation for bringing high-end phones at reasonably underrated cost. It would be cool to finally see an astonishing OnePlus 3 follow the same line of low cost.

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