Uber Records First Billionth Trip!

By a good means of measurement, Uber has had a pretty successful year: a lot of political conquests, accompanied by delicious product launches, as well as intimidating volume of of cash raised, and then starting of in Nigeria. And the hits keep doesn’t stop there. Some few days ago in London, the ride-hailing company made another milestone achievement: its billionth trip!

The milestone of a billionth trip

The milestone of a billionth trip

An uberX driver with the name of Ara picked up a man bearing Marvin as name in his blue Honda Insight Hybrid, and then drove him 1.6 miles from London Fields to Hoxton in the East End. The trip came at the expense of £5 which is about N1,500.00.


Uber’s didn’t really start today, they have their long story too from its inception as a two-car operation in San Francisco in 2009. By termination of 2014, the company made bold claims it was scooping up to a million trips a day. Some twelve months later, it announced it was logging 3 million trips a day in over 65 countries. And enjoying judicious cash raising cash almost as quickly as it’s adding riders: just some four weeks past, it was loud on the reports that Uber was on the lookout for another $2.1 billion as financing, for a valuation of $62.5 billion.

Uber routinely makes celebration about its millionth trip in each of the cities in which has operations on ground with a round of gift-giving: which could include all expense-paid rides, concert tickets, as well as other juicy promotions. But rather than adopting the option of blanketing the city of London with goodies, Uber is taking on its record breaking trip by splashing on the driver, the passenger, as well the neighborhood year hosted the occurrence.

1 billion and counting

1 billion and counting

Marvin the passenger is getting a year’s worth of free Uber rides, and then Ara the driver will enjoy an all-expense trip to the Uber city which he chooses. Also added to this, Uber will endorse a generous donation to the Hackney Pirates, a charity whose service pertains to the youth of the neighborhood where the billionth trip started.

To the billionth-and-one customer, I owe you a handkerchief for the tears!

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