How to Take Screenshot of Webpages Without Using Software

Recently, I shared a Free Image & Screen Capturing Software with serial that can be used to take screenshot of anything on your computer screen. Today I want to share another means that can be use to take screenshot of websites without using any software. This will help save hard disk space since no software installation is required and also save time.


To take the screenshot of any website, all you’ve got to do is to install an Add-on on your browser. There is nothing special to learn about this, just install the Add-on on your browser and start taking screenshot of any website you choose to take.

Firefox Users

If you are using Firefox web browser, you need to install “FireShot Add-on” on your browser. Install FireShot Here.

Chrome Users

If you’re using Chrome web browser, you have to install an extension called “Screen Capture extension” on your browser. Install Screen Capture Here.

If you have any other easier means to take screenshot of any websites aside from the ones mentioned above, don’t hesitate to use the comment box to share it with others.

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