How to Stop your BlackBerry Passport from Overheating

If you used the BlackBerry 7250 – the first of the smartphones to bring e-mails right into our phones- when it was launched in 2005, there is a high chance you are still a blackberry loyalist.


Like most other devices however, the phone has a major challenge called ‘overheating’. All over the net, a large number of users have sent in reviews with complaints of overheating and while the disadvantage has been attributed to several causes such as the 10.3.1 OS upgrade, old batteries and inappropriate use, Blackberry owners need to take the right steps forestall this challenge., Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has tips on how to stop your Blackberry Passport from overheating.

Always keep the phone in cool positions

Most Blackberry lovers opt for the brand because it is much more durable than most other smartphones, however, while it possess these advantages, it is important that users take extra caution towards guarding it against possible malfunction. Prolonged exposure to heat either from sunlight and placing the phone next to the skin or areas with high moisture, can damage both the battery and the screen. Always keep the phone is cool environment and away from airtight corners. For instance, rather than stuff it into a tight pocket where it might get sweaty, put in in a handbag, wallet or carry-on.

Charge properly

Most people charge their phones more than necessary and this does greater harm than good. Usually, it is best to leave your phone till the battery is between 5 to 20 percent before charging. Constantly plugging the phone to a power source at random affects the battery function eventually, leading to overheating. While charging your phone, ensure that the cords are well connected, and refrain from using the phone while the battery is boosting. It is even best to fully charge the device at night when the battery has run down, as there is a higher chance you will not be interrupting the charging process.

Close down unwanted functions

The Blackberry passport allows for so many functions that if all of the apps are left running even when not in use, they will over work the phone’s operating system, drain its battery and cause the device to overheat. Disable some functions including vibration notifications, WiFi or Bluetooth connections until you are ready to use them.

Try using the Coolify app

There is certainly an app for everything! Installing the Coolify app may appear extreme, however, it can solve your overheating problems. The app stops your phone from overheating by constantly checking the temperature around you and adjusting the phone’s systems to suit accordingly, especially when there is intensive internet or duty app usage. An added bonus is that the Coolify app also increases your battery life.

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