Ways to Boost Your Windows Computer Speed [Pt.2]

Below are more tips on how you can boost your computer speed

speed up your pcTired of waiting for your computer to catch up to you? These tips on how to speed up your computer which will get you into the fast lane in no time. As we earlier published on Ways to Boost Your Windows Computer Speed [Pt.1], you need to read it before proceeding if you haven’t.

Speed up Your Computer: upgrading your RAM


If you really need more performance from your system, then you might have to start looking at some upgrades.

If your system is running with a RAM below 2GB, adding an extra few gigabytes in won’t cost you too much and can make all the difference. You also read on How to Clean PC RAM Without Notepad

Speed up Your Computer: Switching to SSD

SSDAnother brilliant upgrade for speeding up operating speed is a Solid State Drive [SSD].

SSDFor SSDs, there are no moving parts; the read/write speeds are far superior to the popular and older optical (spinning disk) hard drives. Buying one won’t break the bank, but you might have to compromise a little on storage space, as SSDs cost more per GB than mechanical HDDs.

Speed up Your Computer: manage your tech-time more efficiently

There’s no getting around it; your computer might not just be good enough for some things.

No amount of tweaking and tinkering is going to get a dilapidated old PC to run the latest triple-A games, for example.

However, you can greatly reduce your potential frustration by being smart about how you use your tech.

If you’re one of the millions of people in the World who own a tablet, there are plenty of apps that can almost replace your computer.

Web browsing and video streaming are more than speedy enough for casual use on most modern tablets, and Microsoft have just made their Office software available for free to iPad users.

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 By using your PC for work and office tasks and your tablet for relaxing in your down-time (or vice versa), you can effectively manage each machine’s workload and ensure that neither gets unnecessarily bogged down.

Speed up Your Computer: switch your OS to Linux


A more drastic option is to simply wedge your old operating system and install a Linux or Ubuntu distribution.

While it’s not ideal for gaming, for simple tasks like word processing, music and surfing the web, it can make ancient hardware feel like a new machine.

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It’s free, easy to install, and there are enough endless versions to suit everyone, including low-resource options that will make your computer fly.

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