Skype for Android gets spiced with lovely tweaks to its user interface

The competition for place is tight, very tight. Even as large as Twitter, it is even stalling as to growth. This confirms that every social media platform needs to be regularly churning out changes it updates to their user interface or so to basically remain fresh and maintain a strong grip on existing users while still pulling in new ones.

Thus Microsoft’s Skype for Android is getting spiced with a fresh update via the Google Play Store. Well this update doesn’t come with those gigantic features or some mighty changes like that, this time the update just has do to with some lovely tweaks to the user interface.

So what we are having this time is updates to the Calls tab interface. In face of this updates, it now features quick call options and even a fresh dialer button. After that, the group call UI now gives indication of the identity of the active speaker at any interval. Last on the updates is solution to those disturbing audio routing issues. This issues infamously come up when you are playing voice messages.

So that is all we are having from Skype for now. Well it is very applaudable seeing small changes here and there. It really keeps things fresh in the mouth.

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