Register For The 2013 U S Visa Lottery Now ! ! (Free)

The program is open to countries with low rate of immigration to United States, such as Algeria, Belarus & Malaysia. Countries with high rates of immigration are not allowed to participate in the program, such as Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom and China. Participation in this program is limited to countries with less than 50,000 new immigrants to the United States per year. Learn more about countries qualify for the program at | Register For The DV-2014 American Green Card Lottery (Free)

Some few facts you need to know about the process:
• There is no fee to apply

• Only one application is allowed per person (if you apply more than once you will be disqualified)

• You will be asked to provide photos with specific requirements as well as personal information such as your name, and place and date of birth. If you are married, you’ll also need to provide information about your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21

• Winners will be selected randomly by computer

• You need to have at least a high school education or its equivalent; or have worked two of the last five years in a job that required at least two years of training

Visit to register for the program, after registration, print the confirmation page and store in a safe place. The confirmation letter will be use later to check your status. Winners will be notify directly through their email. Everyone will be able to check their status as from May 1st 2012 on their website. People who are not chosen can still apply the following year.

For more information about the program, visit the Department of the State blog HERE

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