How to Register for a New 2go Account – 2014

2go messenger is an awesome application available for both phone and PC users (PC Users, get how to use 2go on your PC). It allows users to communicate with friends for free after downloading the application on their mobile device. It already contains millions of users, so it’s a great community where you can meet people from different background, share pictures & files and so many social engagement activities.

How to register a new 2go account

Recently, my little cousin asked me to assist him in registering a 2go account on his nokia phone, immediately, I accessed, as I registered my 2go account some years ago through the link, but I was surprised when I was redirected to a page to download the latest 2go app. So I was a bit confused, and I immediately tried there other web addresses such as: and, but I was also redirected to the page where I could download the latest version. I then downloaded their latest version, and to my astonishment, a sign up button was provided when I launched the program.

Before you proceed, check:

Previously, to register a 2go account, you only need to go to, fill the form with all the required data and after the whole process, you would be required to download the 2go app that is compatible with your phone model. But now, the whole registration process has changed, as signing up for a 2go account can no longer be done on the 2go official website, rather it can be done on the chat software or application.

How to Register a New 2go Account on 2go Chat Messenger

1. Visit on your mobile browser, and you will redirected to the page where you will be able to download the latest version of 2go app, compatible with your mobile device.

2. After downloading the app, launch it on your phone, you should then be provided an option to sign up as a new user.

3. Supply all the required data and then sign up.

If you follow the steps outlined above carefully, you should have access to the 2go social network. You can add me as a friend on 2go social network, my username is: Fapohundaa.

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