Microsoft rolls out Instagram, Facebook, Messenger apps on Windows 10

We must say Microsoft has been doing a way impressive job in introducing a good bulk of of Windows 10 Mobile apps to the Windows Store even with the inclusion of the Windows games. Facebook and Messenger apps basically are best suited for use on a PC, but then in light of this, they still come with an updated collection of features. These new apps are now presented with built in experience which would include Live Tiles giving you the opportunity to browse with ease through the posts, messages as well as photos without being necessarily forced to leave your home screen.

Microsoft rolls out Instagram, Facebook, Messenger apps on Windows 10

Instagram, Facebook, Messenger apps to come to Windows 10

Well there is now the strong chance Facebook app would go down well with a juicy number of Facebook users on Windows 10 PC. This is owing to attractive features like letting you know more about your family and friends in a just a look. In addition to this , reading articles and sharing them now comes at very reduced stress in the condition that you already have accessibility to an in-app browser. The most recent of reactions feature has also been put in place in comments alongside notifications. This informs you of event reminders, even birthday, as well as any other thing making the news at the moment.

Though we used to have the Messenger app as a web app, bringing this new update into place is a big improvised move in a lot of ways. An example of this is in the photo sharing, group conversations, which have now assumed priority. So should you not want to lose count on your notifications, all that is to be done is pinning it up at the start menu; this way the live tiles will make sure you are informed.

We all expect the Instagram app to be rolled out presenting all the forefront user attraction like Direct Messaging, updated Search as well as Explore. In similarity with the other two apps, Instagram would also present compatibility for live tiles; such that you could simply pin it on start screen.

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