Meet the smallest Android phone at 2.4″

I saw a video on YouTube and decided to share because what I saw was a shocker! Before I go into details, lemme make it clear that phones are becoming larger so fast that the term “phablet” is practically nonexistent anymore. Below is the device as compared to a SG NOTE 5. image It’s pretty small aye?

Lemme give a little intro before the video itself. This phone is a 2.4″ device rocking 4GB of ROM, 512MB of RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat. Didn’t expect that much? Well, you’re not alone in that line of thought. But having a small screen size has a couple of downsides. The most prominent being the fact that it reduces the amount of widgets you could add on the home screen; in fact I doubt if you could add any widgets. Moving on to the ROM poses another issue; teh fact that you would not be able to update a lot of apps owing to the small storage space. I’m not even sure there is expandable storage(not that I the small screeen size wasn’t a mega deal breaker for me).  This thing rivals some of the low to mid range devices over here in specs but it’s definitely not for someone like me who loves screen real estate. I’m a 5-incher or no deal kinda guy, but that’s just me. I’ll let you watch the full review below.


What do you think of this device? Would you use this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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