LG seeks feedback on smartphone notches from Android community

It may come as a surprise but the notches of smartphones a quite controversial. There are a few people that hate them, and there are others who have nothing to say about them. As reported by one of our sources, the support team for LG was out to get feedback from users on Reddit with mind a bubbling question: “What are your thoughts on ‘the Notch’?”

LG writes, “We would love to gather some more feedback to share with our R&D team and this is where you come in. So… what do you think? Love the Notch? Or is it Notch your thing?”

It cannot be said what exactly LG aims to achieve with the information it seeks. However, the next phone of LG seemingly called the G7 appears to have been leaked and it does in fact include a notch. Although it does not have a notable feature, its notch can disappear. A video of the device showed that it has an option which allows a user to place black bars on both sides of the notch in a similar way as what Huawei is providing for the new P20. What is apparent therefore is that LG is searching for a way in which to appeal to fans of notches and detractors in a like manner.

It is also likely that LG is looking for a better way to take advantage of the notch via software. For the company to go to Reddit’s r/Android community shows intent to get the attention of the most passionate phone purchasers and also implies that the company wants to be seen as providing responsive feedback and getting people interested in the G7 and incite excitement more than its phones usually get.

Take for instance, this is the company acting as if someone came up with a feature idea it had already planned to implement:

Comment from discussion: What are your thoughts on “the Notch”?

The topmost comments on the thread nearly opposed the inclusion of a notch. Some of the typical comments include: “What Samsung is doing is much better,” “Ugly as hell,” and “Don’t do it.” But it seems LG is definitely going to do it and it won’t be alone.

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