Presenting Lenovo’s New Yoga 900, A Big Problem for Microsoft’s Surface Book

Lenovo’s 360-degree Yoga 900 laptop surely brings solution to questions we could not really help asking about the Surface Book.

Lenovo 360-degree Yoga 900

Lenovo has to a reasonable extent added quality to the premium convertible’s popular wave of watchband hinge and prices its configurations to $1500 from $1200. And what are you thinking now? If you are in the same lane as me, then you are right. Yes there is Skylake too.

The Lenovo Yoga 900 has a width of say 0.59 inches thin weighing even below three pounds.


I would raise a glass in cheers when you say that Lenovo’s new Yoga 900 should be one of the strongest rivals pitting itself against Surface Book flagship which Microsoft shocked us with. Most fundamentally, it procures the most tasty answer to the Surface Book’s dual-fulcrum hinge: a powerful, eye catching watchband hinge as well as a carryover from the Yoga 900’s year-old predecessor, the Yoga 3 Pro.

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Preeminently designed from over 800 individual pieces with the guts of 360-degree rotation, you wouldn’t loose your duplex if you brag that nothing else compares itself to this mechanism on any other device, because it is closest to the truth as it proudly stands out as a distinct feature for the product line which is renamed at present. Lenovo said it improved the hinge, so as to realize a smoother operation.

Lenovo 360-degree Yoga 900 2


Lenovo’ s hinge which looks very much like a watchband is made up of over 800 individual pieces.

Not that this laptop is bursting hungrily for highlights, wanting to clear the block of competition. The Yoga 900 is a superslim 0.59-inch laptop with a weight of just 2.8 pounds. On the interior, the Yoga 900 sports all the most recent hardware upgrades. Should we begin with the CPUs: 6th-generation Intel “Skylake” chips? Either the Core i7-6500U or Core i5-6200U. The several grades of SKUs will present 8GB or 16GB of DDR3L memory, and 256GB or 512GB of Samsung SSD storage. Is this amazing?

Lenovo 360-degree Yoga 900 pic

Lenovo’s Yoga 900 can perfectly sit in tent mode for watching movies or say a digital slideshow.The 13.3-inch IPS display brings the added fineness, 3200×1800-pixel resolution (QHD+), 300-nit brightness, and 10-point touch. The Yoga 900 would provide just Intel HD integrated graphics. When you put it against the Surface Book, it has the advantage of a more discrete GPU on some costly models. There is also included a 1MP front-facing camera.

Lenovo has the assertion that the battery on the Yoga 900 can power the mechanism sufficiently for say 9 hours when the user is playing local video that is he is not streaming, which is known to take large chunks of your battery.

Lenovo 360-degree Yoga 900  3

The dual JBL stereo speakers comprises of Dolby Audio Premium for improved sound through headphones. The dual 2.5W JBL stereo speakers do not have their appearance like much, but they are complemented by Dolby Audio Premium, which refines the sound to even greater quality through headphones. With Dolby Audio Premium put in place, the sound seemingly emanates from every sides.

Lenovo 360-degree Yoga 900  4

The left side of the Lenovo Yoga 900 possesses a DC-in with USB 2.0 function, a 4-in-1 card reader, USB Type A 3.0 port, in addition to a USB Type Type C port with video-out.

Against the possible limitation of a slender profile, Lenovo has danced on a thin line by coming out an impressive helping of ports into the Yoga 900. the user would enjoy an audio combo jack, two USB Type A 3.0 ports, a DC-in port that also has USB 2.0 functionality, one USB Type C 3.0 with video-out, A 4-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC, SDXC, SDHC) is a cool and viable means for loading photos or data. Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi round out the connectivity.

On the right side of the Lenovo Yoga 900, the user will see the power button, a USB Type A 3.0 port, and an audio combo jack.

The Yoga 900 is basically built with Windows 10 Home. The laptop will be ready for you to buy at Best Buy at Lenovo’s website. Prices will begin at $1200 and peaking at $1500.

Also I must add in here that you even have three color choices: Platinum Silver, Clementine Orange, and Champagne Gold ( a handful of the photos in this article reveal Champagne Gold; the rest brandishes Titanium Silver.)

Why is thus important: we can’tsay Lenovo had knowledge of the Surface Book when it was building the Yoga 900- as Microsoft even tried to hide it from the heavens. Microsoft’s surprise super-laptop has ensured an already-competitive flagship market downright fierce. Though the The Yoga 900 is quite malnourished of the discrete GPU which you could get on some Surface Books, yet it still has a decently broad design on its side.

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