Top 5 Websites to Learn English Online for Free

Are you searching for a website that teaches professional English online? I have compiled the list of the top five websites that can help users learn English online. These websites are free for everybody irrespective of their location, whether they are starter or innovative, they will find these websites useful. Though there are many websites that offers such service online, but some of them charge users that want to learn English online money.


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All you need to get started is a computer with internet connection, then visit the English learning websites we provide you with to teach yourself English Language without paying any one. Enjoy the collections below:

1. Examenglish

This is one of the best websites where users can learn English online without paying money. This website could be useful for users trying to learn English as second language. There are many free contents available on Examenglish that can help users learning English easily.

Go to Examenglish

2. Fun Easy English

This website focuses on Basic English knowledge and teaching tips, some of its courses include pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, writing, tests and much more. Most of those courses are launched in Video format, in addition with text scripts and pictures.

Go to Fun Easy English

3. TalkEnglish

This website provides information on how to speak English correctly with pronunciation and it has a lot of audio files where you can learn Basic English speaking, Business speaking English, interview English lessons. There are also Basic English listening lesson, advanced English listening lesson, various helpful idioms and phrases to learn English fast.

Go to TalkEnglish

4. UsingEnglish

This website has been in existence since 2002. It contains series of resources that helps learners and teachers of English Language. The site is specialized in English as a Second Language i.e ESL teaching. Various methods and varieties of English are used on this site and a lot of articles, notes and comment contributors from Canada, USA, Australia and non-native speakers.

Go to UsingEnglish

5. Bussu

For every language you choose to learn, Busuu provides a few courses, including writing exercises, vocabulary training, reading comprehension, and so on. Besides courses, you can also learn English online by joining the community and chatting with other members.

Go to Busuu

Have I missed any? You can also share the website(s) that has/have worked for you in the past and also helped improve your English speaking skills via the comment box below.

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