How To Use MTN BIS to Browse On Computer Unlimitedly

Browsing on your computer using MTN BIS is the most cheapest and most economical, considering the huge amount charged for data by  Network providers..

mtn bis on computer

Going through the normal process, you will pay MTN N1,000 to get a mere 250MB that can be used up within few hours. Meanwhile, you can also pay MTN with this same N1,000 and browse for 1 month without restriction or data cap. Want to learn how? Keep following.

The use of MTN BIS on computer is quite easy and no much configuration is required. Follow the steps outlined below to start enjoying heavy download on MTN.

How to Use Your MTN BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) on Your Computer.

#1. Download simple server from HERE.

#2. After download, extract the downloaded file.

#3. Before you connect your MTN Sim, you will need to first subscribe to any of the MTN BB10 data plans of your choice. I’ve personally tried this method with MTN BB10 Mini Data plans (i.e. Monthly – N1000, weekly – N350 and daily- N70).

#4. After activation of the plan of your choice, insert your sim into your modem and configure it as follows:

Access Point:
Username: blank
Password: blank

#5. Now configure your browser and other applications to port: 8080.

#6. Finally, connect your modem, open the extracted file folder (simple server), click on the Simpler Servers.exe and run the application.

Enjoy this while it last….

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