How to Hide any Drive With Command (cmd) Prompt in Windows

Mostly, all computer users have some important files on their computers which they don’t want any third party to have access to due to privacy and some other factors. Although, there are hundreds of software available in the market to encrypt/hide our files, but most of the programs are paid and the most disgusting part is that you may have to format your computer in case you forgot your password, which will in turn make you lose the files you are protecting.

Hide Computer Drive

But today, I want to show you the easiest way to hide your computer local drive without installing any 3rd party software and you don’t have to remember any password. This method will save you money, time and protect your files. This tutorial will explain how you can use windows command prompt (cmd) to hide any local drive on your PC.

Before you proceed, check:

How to Hide your Local Drive with Windows CMD

1. Click on WIN+R on your computer to launch run command

Hide Computer HArd Drive

2. Type cmd into the run command and then click ok

Hide Computer HArd Drive

3. After step 2, a windows command prompt window appears, now type diskpart in it and then hit enter

4. A new window will appear, type list volume and then hit enter to show the list of local drive that is available on your PC

5. If for instance, I want to hide local drive D on my pc, then I will type select volume D into the command prompt and then hit enter.

6. To hide drive D, I will then type remove letter D into the command prompt and then hit enter. Study the Image below and step 1-5 for better understanding.

Hide Computer HArd Drive with CMD

7. Immediately after step 6, the hard drive D will disappear from my hard drive list as seen in the image below:

Hide Computer/PC HArd Drive with CMD

How to Un-Hide your Local Drive with Windows CMD

1. Follow step 1-4 explained above, then after I will select the volume I have hide by typing select volume D into the command prompt and then hit enter

2. So instead of remove letter D I typed in step 6 above, I will type assign letter D to make the hidden hard drive visible.

Un-Hide Computer HArd Drive with CMD

For questions regarding this tutorial, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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