Have you seen Mozilla’s potential next logo?

Mozilla, the open web pioneer, is maintaining faithfulness to its collaborative and open roots by carrying out a brand redesign right out in front of all of us. The company has released publication revealing its shortlist of innovative logo proposals, within which it will be making its selection so as to refine, as as sculpture its next brand identity.

Have you seen Mozilla's potential next logo?

One of them is the picture above, though it kind of looks abstract, with a structure that particularly spells out Mozilla’s name; presenting the spellings in an array of multicolored isometric shapes.

We still have another questionable design that brings in a vast collection of shapes and colors bring out the spelling of “Mozilla”:

Have you seen Mozilla's potential next logo?

Still there are still some few more unadventurous and expected variants:

Have you seen Mozilla's potential next logo?

One thing common to them all is that take due caution in their creation process being well thought. Though you can see these appearances as kind of lack-luster or outrightly ugly, there is a solid underlying purpose and message behind each of the potential logos.

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