Facebook’s Android app can now save offline videos

From an estimate, 98% of the videos which we see posted on Facebook are basically sourced from YouTube clips such that they have a rather disturbing ratio-destroying text on bottom as well as on the top and bottom. But now should you intend saving videos,Android app now lets you do so. Sort of anyway. This user interface features was keenly noticed as well as the “Saved” video section in the app, but that word wouldn’t necessarily imply the same meaning On Facebook same way it does to other folks.

Facebook's Android app can now save offline videos

See, “saving” a video on Facebook implies it has been saved to your account. That is it has been saved to the local copy of the Facebook app. This is not the same as saving a copy of the video file to the user-accessible file system on your tablet or even on phone or tablet. The downloaded file basically takes residence in the Facebook app; such that you can only reach the bloated and rather disturbing interface. I’m not really that elite social media guru, but my simple guess is that the system is being in place in this order that users wouldn’t boast the capacity to upload those videos to other services, giving them no other option than sharing them only on Facebook.

Now you can watch videos offline under the condition that it is saved; after which you can equally take it off at any chosen interval. For now, the “save” option is up for grabs in the versions 85 and 86 (beta) of the app.

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