Facebook Hits An Amazing 8 Billion Daily Video Views

Facebook video viewership is increasing its boundaries by big leaps and bounds. As of now, the stats are amazing as the social media giant now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. Looking critically at this figure, that is a big leap from 4 billion video views per day just back in April. Mark Zuckerberg had made the delicious revelation on the call to investors consequent to Facebook’s blockbuster Q3 2015 earnings report.


Some may maintain their reservations that this stat is not fully accurate for the fact that Facebook recognizes just 3 seconds of watching as a “view”. But then the 100% leap in just seven months is a big indication that even in face of such contrast, users have well been gluttonous in consuming videos. Yet if we take a look at the 3 seconds per view, Facebook is raking up 760 years of watch time for everyday. This will lead to the truth that there is a massive opportunity there for Facebook to attract in TV commercial dollars which are well taking a digital inclination. It also brings in an avenue here to improve on viewership to a greater length with an ongoing test where it rewards top video creators a revenue share.


Facebook as well is trying its hands on a well targeted video feed where people have the opportunity to browse different channels of videos shared by friends, trending on Facebook, as well as other themes. The team are having big hopes that come a day this interface should enable users to have a relaxing Facebook video-watching sensation on smart TVs. On the other side, Facebook is making attempts to resolve a disturbing inconvenience around Freebooting, or say people making away with creators’ videos and even sharing other creators’ videos. At the moment, it is trying to raise its own in-house intellectual property tool which will give creators the ability to block or even possibly monetize copies of their videos which are being uploaded by others.


If it could as well resolve IP, it will add on more attraction to lure more top video creators to the new revenue share program Facebook is hoping to bring in, which it had disclosed last month. Mark Zuckerberg had aired explanations on the earnings call that “There’s a certain class of content which is only going to come onto Facebook if there’s a good way to compensate the content owners…we’ve recently rolled out the business model for this.”

More on the important side, Facebook is showing premium videos from a limited test group of top creators in its Suggested Videos reel. If those videos give users the patience to sit through more video ads, Facebook will reward percentage of that ad revenue to the creators. Video is serves as a vital nerve for the future of both Facebook’s projects and business.

The company has the major aim to link users to what they care about helping them even share what they care about. Video is assuming top position as to means to share. That is in part for the fact that the clear format is really assisted by the rapid increase of mobile phones with dazzling video cameras, further widening of storage on these phones and computers, as well as faster mobile networks to aid the role of uploading and then watching these videos.

Facebook enjoyed a nourishing bounce by welcoming photos back around 2005, and now it wants a more tasty dish by adding a bulky recipe of videos. And when we come down to revenue, video ads have the largest authority of high rates. They enrich such a vehement impression, that advertisers are not reluctant to pay Facebook top cash.

In the situation where Facebook just jammed these videos into the feed, users could get bored about it all. But then by improving organic video viewership, Facebook reaches a goal of calmly inserting ads without pissing viewers off. And eventually, Facebook is on the winning side if it can fulfill a big target of becoming a solution to enjoying video or say a place people get caged in engrossment watching videos. That will let Facebook have the arms to battle other video-focused platforms with the target of wooing attention; this way Facebook will also increase its earning capacity to financially support its future ambitions like what could succeed video — virtual reality!

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