Facebook Tests Live Video Streaming

Facebook is bringing on a new feature that will give you the opportunity to share a live video stream with friends. It could be a baby’s first steps, newsworthy events in the likeness of a speech, or just a mere cat napping. Your audience will now have the capacity to watch it all in real time.

Facebook live streaming

Facebook live streaming

The feature is almost in the full resemblance of Meerkat and Twitter’s (TWTR, Tech30) Periscope tool. What majorly separates them however is that the option is built into the main Facebook (FB, Tech30) app rather than as a standalone app, which should surely encourage more persons to use it.

And like all things Facebook, the default is to just share privately with your friends, though the settings can be altered consequently. Some time ago this year, Facebook tested the viability of the Live feature with celebrities. People like The Rock and Martha Stewart were given access to the tool, but no just everyone had the access. At least until now.

The new feature is still in the early testing phase, what this means is that only a few lucky U.S. iPhone users will actually be able to try it out, but then we could be easily expecting Facebook to roll it out more extensively to a Nigerian user base as well. And just like Periscope, people will be able to post comments during the broadcast and then you can see how many fans are tuned in.

Friends who couldn’t catch up with a live broadcast have the means of rewatching it on your Timeline. And then, those that particularly appeal to your interest, for such you can even subscribe and get an alert next time you go live. Videos are massive for Facebook, which said revealed the official statistics this year that users watch over 3 billion videos on a daily basis.

In addition to this, Facebook will be bringing on a fresh collage feature that goes about the combination of photos and videos from a location or day into one post. Collages according to plans by Facebook will be available to iPhone users first and appear on Android next year.

The social network has already gathered a reputation of adding new features that already have their existence on other services. It had gone about adopting hashtags long after Twitter invented them.

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