Facebook Is Expanding Search So You Know What Opinion Everyone Has

The world’s biggest social network is now giving users the opportunity to find stories,news, comments from strangers and the conversations behind trending topics on Facebook.


Facebook is really adding width to the scope of its search tool in with the expectation that users will embrace the social network increasingly.

As such Facebook is putting plans in place to transform your comments into a town square.

This will have its inception on Thursday, as the Menlo Park, California-based social network will introduce a function that will enable members with the capacity to carry out a something like a Google search thoroughly through the posts they make each month which is even exceeding of 2 trillion posts. Facebook users can now get In touch with the feature using a search bar on its mobile app or website.

To exemplify this development, Type “water” into the search box, and Facebook will make suggestions to you in an auto-manner which relate to popular search terms and phrases, which include “water on Mars.” When you as the user taps on the results, a list will come up with articles, videos, quotes, and connected posts from their friends, groups along with other Facebook users.

The new function brings added variety to Facebook’s search functions, which previously had their restrictions to things like friends, places and even groups. With this former limitation in place, the social network’s 1.5 billion users could without stress locate who among their friends has interest or like the band Nickelback, but then they couldn’t get direct knowledge of what other people were saying about the band.

“Facebook has a lot of that content and perspectives and opinions,” said Rousseau Kazi, a Facebook product manager who works on search function. “Going from searching on your network to searching everything on Facebook is a big step.”

Of course, Facebook is not yet ready to let its rivals like Twitter pay you alimony so you divorce Facebook, keeping Facebook in the microwave oven so that Facebook doesn’t get too cold for users to enjoy. Everyday, People already spend time in excess of 46 minutes surfing Facebook, its Messenger chat program or even the Instagram photo-sharing app. The opportunities Facebook has to present you with advertising and to drive up its revenue is directly proportional to the more people use Facebook.

This fresh feature will help stitch the holes Twitter and its rival social media are boring into its regalia so that it seals its place as the world’s first social network. Twitter, a popular but much still relatively smaller rival, is building on efforts to increase its market share via making improvements on the access to its user-created posts, photos and videos. Pinterest, as well which happen to be privately controlled doesn’t frequently report user statistics, also boast of similar features enable users sort and share articles, photos and videos.

These latest search functions will at first be accessible by Facebook users making use of US English settings, which had began since Thursday. The company consciously give any clues as to when it intends to expand access.

Facebook also announced that the privacy settings of its social network will not make any altercation to the new feature.

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