Facebook rolling out Instant Articles on Messenger

If you remember, Facebook’s Instant Articles feature had its launch some time in 2015. Its initial phase was with select publishing partners, after this it saw an expansive development; welcoming in an increased number of more media outlets.

Facebook rolling out  Instant Articles on Messenger

What this instant articles is basically about is that it makes sure some specific links you click in the Facebook mobile apps would lead you to the content at once; instantly-loading content (this is what underlies the name). This content has its hosting on Facebook for the purpose of significantly chopping down the loading time that you would conventionally take should the link take you to your selected browser so as to open it.

And now Facebook is taking one step further in announcing that Instant Articles would soon be introduced to its Messenger apps equally. So now the instant article feature would first be compatible with Facebook Messenger for Android, consequently Facebook plans to extend this to iOS in say some next few weeks.

Its mode of operation is no different from that of the Facebook app. So the reality of this is that when you happen to click a link in Messenger and the publisher of the content it’s pointing to has made available Instant Articles, you can then access the content straight without having to go round your browser first. But then in the scenario where the link doesn’t point to a publisher that has enabled Instant Articles, there is no change- such that you would still be required to access the desired content in the browser of your phone.

And just in similarity with what you have on Facebook, links that will open as Instant Articles are to be identified with an associated lightning bolt icon.

Just in the culture of any fresh feature whose announcement Facebook makes,it could further take weeks for the feature practically comes out to Messenger users on Android. So we would have to keep fingers crossed a little while.

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