Facebook launches out Work, a special social network for you and your work colleagues

This works in same way with Facebook, Just that you roll with co-workers, not friends

Facebook launches out Work, a special social network for you and your work colleagues

Work place must not be a barrack of suits. We must not get query for smiling too much as a frown is not an official apron we must wear at work. Offices can still be fun, workers can know each other past their English names. Not too bad if you and your boss still chop knuckles as a cup of pleasantries in the morning. This is what Facebook is aiming at with Work where Facebook aims to create a social network for your office for co-workers to interact much better.

Following two years of private beta testing, Facebook is finally releasing its Work software to the world. The product bears very close similarity with Facebook which already boasts over a billion people accessing the social media platform. But this time, Work is targeting realizing good work communication between colleagues at work, coming at a fee for every individual user.

For now, your Work account as well as your personal Facebook account will not have one login. One juicy difference is that your Work account will be free of ads very opposite to the way your ordinary Facebook wall is riddled with ads. Works seems to put emphasis on messaging as well as group communications although Work will not bring on a tool for creating documents in the same way an enterprise account does with Google or Microsoft.

Going by reports, Facebook already boasts more than 1,000 companies making use of the Work software. These firms had come aboard in course of the beta period and so far have been enjoying Work at no cost. This looks to change now though.

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