How to Access Facebook Desktop View/Full Site on Mobile Phones

Are you sick of how Facebook appears on your mobile phone and wish to switch to the desktop version? If yes, you will get a solution here before the end of this post.


Facebook has been optimised for each operating system. If you access Facebook from your mobile device, you will be shown the mobile version.

One of the reasons why I prefer to access Facebook PC version right from my mobile browser is my ability to place pictures in the folder of my choice during uploads. Photos I uploaded via the normal mobile version of Facebook are stored in my mobile uploads which I don’t like. 

The reason I stated above is just one out of the numerous reasons why I prefer to access the computer version of Facebook on mobile. However, the conventional Facebook mobile view possesses its own cons. One of the cons is that it saves data usage.


The simple trick to access the desktop view of Facebook on your mobile phone is to always visit Facebook via on your mobile phone browser.

Hope this expand your reach to more Facebook features? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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