Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg advises Trump not to bar refugees from the U.S.

Mark Zuckerberg has put a strong foot against the immigration ideas laid out by president Trump, yelling out for the enforcement of immigration laws by the local law enforcement body. In a statement posted via Facebook by the Facebook C.E.O “like many of you, I’m concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump”. Simultaneously, Zuckerberg applauded Trump’s obscure commitment to “work something out” for unregistered immigrants who arrived into the country as children. While quoting Trump “I’m also glad the president believes our country should continue to benefit from people of great talents coming into the country’”.

The post shows a rising tendency to counter Trumps policies (just yesterday, its chief operating officers, Sheryl Sandberg put forward a balmy rebuke to Trump’s revival of a Reagan-era policy that prevents foreign assistance to health organizations from rendering counseling on abortions.

In dealing with pressures coming in from both internal and external bodies, the executives are constantly faced with a trouble situation to publicly counter the administration’s unpredictable policy making, opposed by most Americans. Invariably, the maintenance of the good relationship amongst them is of utmost concern as Facebook oftentimes have business with the government (only Trump’s tweets have constantly sent companies’ stock prices tumbling).

Before now, Zuckerberg has constantly stood for the expansion of the number of legal immigrants to the united states. He helped to establish FWD.us in 2013, a voluntary group committed to enhance immigration reform. A statement was released yesterday by FWD, kicking against the executive orders given by the president.

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