How to Download Facebook Videos on Mobile and PC

A friend once shared a hilarious video with me on Facebook. After watching the short video, I feel like sharing it with a friend  via BBM, but the only option to do that is to send him the link to the video. I also wish to have this video on my phone so that I could watch it over and over again. However, a data plan is necessary to watch videos online. No matter how big your phone is, if you don’t have a data bundle on it you won’t be able to stream videos online.


Whenever I tried to re-stream the same video I’ve watched again, I still pay. I mean I pay with my data bundle.

Some weeks ago, I came across a website where I was able to download my favourite Facebook videos without wasting my resources to watch over and over again. Check the website and procedures I went through to download my favourite Facebook videos below.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos

  • Go to
  • Copy and paste the Facebook video link into the “Enter the video link” column (an example of Facebook video link is: download-facebook-videos
  • Finally, click on download to start the download process.

With this simple steps, you can now download your favourite Facebook videos on your PC and mobile phones without any ado.

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